• BigBangOverlordBuster

    To all who may be seeing this, as so far, I can say that there are some major updates in the character pages in Trillion wiki such as the following:


    Faust (This page needs some updates)


    Trillion (This page needs some updates)

    But there are still a long way to go for everything else in the game Trillion, if you may want to add info you know about Trillion, you may do so, just do check for grammatical errors and if the info is a bit accurate....thank you and good day/evening ^^.......

    And to those who are contributing, thank you and welcome to Trillion wiki ^^

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  • Beautiful Undisputed Goddess

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    • Bugs related to passing over Experience Points to the next heroine fixed
      • Fixed a strange bug when using the Game Clear data save file for version 1.01 which starts you off fresh, with no items or money, and a part of how Experience Points gets inherited.
    • Added the following new features (same contents as patch 1.01)
      • Implement a feature to "reminisce" events for CG
      • Add items when escaping from the Training Dungeon
      • Change the amount of accumulated Experience Points that gets passed on after playthroughs.

    • We are extremely sorry for Experience Points carry over bug that happened on patch 1.01, which is why we got involved in making this patch.
    • There is a potential that you…

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  • Beautiful Undisputed Goddess

    The Trillion preorder campaign is over, but Compile Heart celebrates their recent success by giving us the rest of the rewards on August 11th, 2015. Check the website to see pictures and more details.


    Thanks to the 4th reprinting of "Makaishin Trillion", we have recouped. In commemoration of this, we will hand out free Neptune and Otton special skill DLC collaborations as a present. You can download them on August 11th, 2015.

    "Kangaroo no You~ni" with Neptune (dubbed as "I'm a kangaroo" in English)
    Move through multiple squares, and deal damage to enemies infront of you.

    A skill where you can freely choose were to move damage enemies. When attacking, the heroine wi…

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  • Beautiful Undisputed Goddess

    According to, Makaishin Trillion has reached the top downloaded Playstation Vita game from July 23rd 2015, to July 31st, 2015. This article was written on August 1st, 2015 1500 JST, click the link below to see the original Japanese page.

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