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Official Description Edit

Zeabolos' older sister, and the Overlord who holds the Crest of Sloth.

She calls Zeabolos, "Zebo-chin", and she in turn is called “Sister.” She says little, but because she cares for her younger brother, she undertakes the task of defeating Trillion. She’s extremely lazy and is always sleeping, but she actually possesses powerful magic that can surpass even Zeabolos’.

Personality Edit

As her Crest describes, Fegor is a slothful person. She is mostly seen sleeping no matter the environment. She also speaks in a rather lethargic manner, drawing out her words and speaking curtly; in Japanese, she cuts her sentences down, removing particles and non-content words. Despite appearances however, she is stronger than Zeabolos and was said to have saved the demon's armies and Zeabolos himself during the war against Heaven. She can only show such prowess whenever she is fully awoken.

During her route's ending, she is shown to hold grudges although not to an unhealthy degree as after a certain amount of time had passed since the defeat of Trillion, she still held a grudge towards Zeabolos for not telling her about his deal with Faust, however she only used the fact to get Zeabolos to show her some affection.

Favorite Gifts Edit

Each gift shows an event the first time it's given to Fegor and the player receives 1,000,000 affection points and 25% heart points.

  • Pickled Shark
  • Flaming Moxibustion

Trivia Edit

  • Her name derives from the demon of Sloth, Belphegor.
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