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Lilith is a character in Trillion: God of Destruction.

Official descriptionEdit

The wife of the first Great Overlord Satan, and Zeabolos ’ grandmother. She was once an Overlord who held the Crest of Vanity, but she died during the battle when Trillion first appeared, and is now living within the Great Overlord’s castle as a ghost.


She seems to have more child-like and energetic manner, more than those of her descendents.


She is seen to wear a red, frilly dress most of the time, since she is a ghost, her lower half are those of a ghost-like tail, like most steretype ghost would have.


Zeabolos - He is Lilith's grandson.

Fegor - She is Lilith's granddaughter.

ElmaShe is also Lilith's granddaughter.

Mammon - She's Lilith's grandniece

AshmediaShe's Lilith's grandniece

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